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Dry Creek Valley


TR Passalacqua Vineyard


Cabernet Sauvignon





Titratable Acidity:

0.55 grams/ 100 ml


246 cases

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Blocks 18 & 19- SOLD OUT

TR Passalacqua Vineyard
Dry Creek Valley






Winemaker Notes

Blocks 18 and 19 are on the vineyard's east side and form an almost perfect bowl shape, with vine rows running north to south. We handpick ripe fruit on the north slope and only on the east (morning sun) side of each vine. These grapes make the biggest, most concentrated Cabernet on the property: massive, chewy tannins with flavors of briary blackberry and cassis, subtle olive and herbal hints of tobacco. Only aging in our best Taransaud oak for at least two years will tame, restrain and beautifully finish this wine, tying together texture and taste with toasted oak, spice box complexities and cedar.

Ageability: 20 to 25 years.

Other Notes

All of the grapes for our coveted Cabernets come from TR Passalacqua Ranch. These prized 17-year-old vines are located on the western slope of Dry Creek Valley at a 400-foot elevation. The quality of the fruit comes not only from the exceptional terrain of the vineyard, but also from meticulous farming practices. We grow balanced vines, using bunch thinning and limited irrigation to ensure the highest quality fruit, and dropping fruit to promote even ripening. Finally, picking only the slowly ripened morning side of each vine gives our winemaker the perfect grape. Read more about our Cabernet Vineyards.

Limit 2 bottles; discounts do not apply.